kozek hörlonski

X Wohnungen

16. International Schiller-Days National Theatre, Mannheim 2011

Performance, Installation

3 tours of private rooms in Mannheim, GER
Tour: Schwetzingerstadt/Oststadt
Performers: kozek hörlonski, Simone Jöst, Marianne und Gerd Reutter

Mannheim's residents allow X Wohnungen a glimpse into their very private and different worlds. Closely linked to everyday structures, spaces, inhabitants  and their stories artists stage 10-minute long situations which are assembled into a course. The audience is set-up in pairs and asked to walk-down various city quarters, thus becoming co-agents on a journey to discover other everydays. Crossing the threshold is a discontinuation of one's own reality and entering another one's.
Video: Thomas Reutter

Photos: 1: Florian Merdes, 2-9: Manuel Reinartz