kozek hörlonski

visibility I+II

Kunstraum <auto>, Vienna 2003

Lightinstallation, Graphic

The two side windows of <auto> make up a glass passage leading to the
entrance. They are illuminated by a two-piece light installation.
In one of the two windows five lights are placed, illuminating the bychance-
stored objects in the shop window. The light beams are bundled through five holes cut into a black paper which cover the windows. Thus lighting the opposite window. Here are further objects, as well as other former installation
parts of the <auto> art space. The installation is complimented by graphical
work exhibited in the street windows. The windows used by kozek hörlonski
have not yet been used for installations, the composition of the size-varying
light circles are thus able to depict the exhibition history of Kunstraum <auto>.