kozek hörlonski

Thomas Hörl: schemenweiß

Stadtturmgalerie, Innsbruck 2009

Videoperformance, Installation, Object, Slide, Collage

For the solo show in the Stadtturmgalerie, Thomas Hörl takes up various aspects of the regional traditional culture along with “Frau Percht”: the Schemenlaufen from Imst, the miracle of Absam, the Wunderkammer of Ambras palace, the shrine in Imst to the tightrope artist Heini Sikora, the “Saniklasstab” from the Tyrolean St. Nicholas tradition, and the crucified woman with beard in Axams (St. Kümmernis or Kummernus; English: Wilgefortis). Multilayered allusions to these topics can be recognized in the exhibition, without becoming two-dimensional. The artist quite consciously deconstructs images, concepts, and terms in order to present and critically investigate topics in isolation. In the form of objects, installations, videos, and collages, these are brought together and merged into one another. Folklore serves him as a hub of creativity and as a site for the transformation of that which is received into new contexts. Cornelia Reinisch. Photos: 1-3, 10-13: David Steinbacher
"...in dem ein Tänzer in vaßnachtskleidung oder schemenweiß aufgetreten ist..." Video, audio, DV-PAL, 4:3, 6 min.