kozek hörlonski

Thomas Hörl: Golling: Eine Berchte

Galerie 5020, Salzburg 2008

Wallpainting, Collage, Installation
in the exhibition Recent Changes – Änderungen vorbehalten

curated by Bernhard Gwiggner and Peter Haas, with Hannes Kater/Anne Rinn, Stefan Heizinger, Karl Karner, Thomas Hörl (phase 1); Annja Krautgasser, Severin Weiser, Julia Willms (phase 2), Caroline Heider, Stephanie Mold, Wendelin Pressl (phase 3)

Based on a historical image of the Kuenburg Collection from the 18th century, depicting a „Gollinger Fetzenpercht“ (Golling Shred Mask), I develop a series of interrelated layers in the gallery space. On-site collages and objects on gastrotomy, iconisation and gender roles are created out of previously prepared copies from ethnographic books, music magazines and performance stills. These subjects represent the essence of this kind of folklore. Further the images are overlaid by descriptive motives: threatening gestures of belly- slitting-figures, the believe in the male-only cast of those roles and the freight and enthusiasm created by parades of the Board, Fair and Nasty Masks (Tafel-, Schön-, Schiachperchten) of the Salzburg Alps.