kozek hörlonski

Thomas Hörl: Die Tafelpercht

Künstlerhaus, Salzburg 2007

Wallpainting, Performance, Video, Installation
in the exhibition Die Wand

curated by Barbara Clausen, with Elisabeth Czihak, Bernhard Gwiggner, Thomas Hörl, Nabila Irshaid, Matthias Klos, Marianne Lang, Annelies Oberdanner, Isa Riedl, Christine Scherrer/Gabriele Fulterer, Elisabeth Schmirl/Stefan Heizinger

An abstract form is drawn on the wall of the grand hall, in blackboard-varnish paint. Its silhouette is modelled after the so called Alpine fair and board masks (German: Schön- und Tafelpercht) as found in Salzburg/Pongau. The „Hobagoaß“ (transl. „Oat Goat“) leaves, while rubbing itself against the dark green surface, its marks out of fat, hair and white chalk on the board mask. During those two nocturnal performances the artist was filmed in night-shot mode. The installation links visually and gesture-wise the procession of the board mask and the uncanniness of other mask processions with the awesome stories around the „Hobagoaß“. Barbara Clausen. Photo: 1-3: Andrew Phelps