kozek hörlonski

Thomas Hörl: Lichtgestalten

Deutschvilla Strobl and Künstlerhaus Salzburg, 2010

Videoperformance, Object, Drawing, Photo, Collage
Symposium ORTung and in the exhibitions Orte/Nicht-Orte ORTung 2009

curated by Maren Richter, Hemma Schmutz and Astrid Wege, with Thomas Hörl, Katharina Jahnke, Irena Lagator, Stephanie Mold, Jürgen Stollhans, Luca Vitone, Severin Weiser

In the footsteps of “Frau Bercht or Percht,” Hörl came across the Glöckler procession, a variation of the Schönperchten appearing on January 5th in Strobl and neighboring communities wearing white clothing with bells, ties, and lit up headdresses. Always referred to in connection with a magical, celtic, harvest, light, and fertility custom, this folk custom emerged in the late 19th century in the Salzkammergut region, tellingly at a time when the custom was about to disappear. Hörl dedicated himself to this revived custom by reenacting it in a costume he designed with a lit headdress and no audience – showing his reverence on the village stage – and creating a video out of the resulting film material. Presented in an installation, it is complemented by additional material, such as a documentary on the controversial reaction to the first Ebenseer Frauenpass in January 2010, when women participated in the Glöckler procession. Astrid Wege. Photos: 5: Andrew Phelps, 9: Christoph Steinweber, 10: Rainer Iglar. www.ortung-symposium.at