kozek hörlonski

Take A Bow

Galerie Lisi Hämmerle, Bregenz 2011

performance, sculpture
in the exhibition ConnecteD_listen to the other side

this piece is modelled upon the Fair Masks (Schönperchten). The ethnic figures which are known in Salzburg State to wear splendid head fixtures or “caps” (Kappen), show up dancingly at the Pongau mask processions (Perchtenläufe). Their bows, in front of farm houses and prominent locals, are supposedly auspicious. These Board or Mirror Masks are accompanied – apart from numerous minor characters – always by one female apprentice who is, according to the tightly administered codex, performed by a man. The rite is centred around taking a bow. kozek hörlonski honour the Galerie Hämmerle through their Board Mask interpretation and subsequently move into it's space with their art work. photos: Tobias Pilz