kozek hörlonski


Kluckyland, Vienna 2021


black photo cardboard, glue, string, duct tape, nails, black charcoal pencil, black marker pen, 6 framed collages and drawings, ...

Rosenmontag (Shrove Monday), the name for the Monday before Ash Wednesday, is the highlight of the carnival season in some places.
The installation in Kluckyland is a kind of spatial drawing in a place that is clearly visible from the outside through its two glass fronts. In this respect, the work is aimed both at residents of the district who happen to pass by as well as at strolling audiences.
The essential element is black paper, a material that is both light and extremely stable. Using a simple folding technique, a myriad of paper compartments from three different paper formats are manually joined together to form long garlands. The all-round hanging of the garlands in the room begins in a very orderly manner but becomes more and more wild and almost chaotic as the process progresses. Short pieces of garland are mounted on a window front to form a kind of curtain, a translucent membrane. Black confetti collected on the floor, all of which have been punched out of the garland by hand to form a pile that is reminiscent of ashes. It forms a dormant counterpoint to the rest of the installation. A streamer, next to garland and confetti, a third element that stands for exuberant celebrations can be found as a continuous drawn line on the walls. This graphic element summarizes the work at a certain height. 6 small-format framed drawings and collages, partly integrated into the garland, partly on the floor, in their representation of patterns and carnival motifs are further notes-like comments.
Rosenmontag is a very melancholy picture in times of prohibitions, distancing and isolation, visible for a month in a room illuminated 24 hours a day.

photos: Victor Jaschke