kozek hörlonski

Peter Kozek: z-set

Kunsthalle Wien Project Space, Vienna 2002

Performance, Installation

z-set - “happiness machine“.
The happiness mimes: Elinor Mora, Andreas Erstling, Victor Jaschke, Roman Steger, and Peter Kozek bring the setting to life and invent the moments of happiness from their own lives. Everyone displays unmistakably individual characteristics. Some retreat to their own intimate area, zig zag the rules of public traffic, dreaming of being an architect and building worlds based on their own ideas; some enjoy being able to slip into a role, wear a costume, and still, all around is the attempt to bring some type of stabilizing system into life’s matters. The five protagonists unite only in one song: in Mendelssohn-Bartholdy’s melancholy cheerful “Herbstlied“ (Autumn song).