kozek hörlonski

Peter Kozek: Contributions to the Universal Memorybank / flow.p.

Cabaret der Künstler - Zunfthaus Voltaire / Manifesta11, Zurich 2016

concept: Peter Kozek
dramaturgy: Florian Ronc
performers: Regula Guhl, Peter Kozek

Fleurissez, fleurissez, doctes arts! Music, poetry, painting and architecture merrily commend their great patron Louis XIV in Marc-Antoine Charpentier’s baroque Idyle en musique »Les Arts Florissants«, until discord shatters harmony with a gaggle of singing and (si l’on veut) dancing furies. Of course, the problem is solved quickly, the cuss is banished to hell and homage is again paid to the king.
Working with the performance instructions of Charpentier’s manuscript Peter Kozek develops a »dynamic spatial sculpture«: While the performer, laying down with closed eyes, conducts the music, inaudible to the audience, the florist Regula Guhl binds seven different bouquets, then chops them up and, thus, creates the installation’s sound track.