kozek hörlonski

Medicine Mountain – Learn to Love in Seven Days II

Art in public space Tyrol County, 2011

7 performances, 11.7.-17.7.2011
kozek hörlonski and Sir Meisi develop for the Art in Public Space Programme of Tyrol County Alpine myths, genderised self-presentations and global media imagery regarding the Alps.With seven public performances starring Carneval, mythical and Bollywood characters. Apart from the performances which are the basis for a artistic video documentary, there will be a "Meeting Mountain" where an interview or talk will be held with an expert (historian, ethnographer, museum representative...) on Bollywood, Carneval figures, masks and tourism or with locals who are engaged in the field.

Performers: kozek hörlonski + Sir Meisi, Andreas Erstling
Kamera: Lisa Truttmann