kozek hörlonski

m to an end

Galerie Pro Arte, Hallein 2005

Lightinstallation, Sculpture, Graphic

The Gallery´s 31 pedestals – of varying size – are installed. Each of these is furnished with four wheels and a light from within. Thus a space-andlight sculpture is developed, setting off excitingly the relation of structure and movement, light and darkness. Each pedestal receives a name, filtered from the logbook of the gallery (for example: “feeling in sweden”, “quaderradar”, “energii“). The floor of the gallery is covered with raw combibloc material. It will be placed with its milky-silvery side face-up. The blue and red lit hollow bodies of the now mobile “pedestal beings” which glide across the floor, make up memory-spaces of earlier exhibitions. At the same time they also visualise an independent artistic experimental stage, analysing the abstract-painterly qualities of light. Photos: 1-3: Fritz Lorber