kozek hörlonski


Lenikushaus Praterstraße, Vienna 2004

Video, audio, DV-PAL, 4:3, 2000% / 12 min. edit

kozek hörlonski are in a room of an empty apartment. The late afternoon-light
creeps in through the door of the balcony, merging – as the time goes by – with the street lights and other lights of the city. In the end it is completely substituted by the artificial light. The other windows of the room are covered and shut off by black material. kozek hörlonski sit next to each other, on two chairs, and await the change from daylight to artificial light silently. They are alone. A video camera is positioned towards the wall facing the door of the balcony and documents the four-and-a-half hour metamorphosis. The video depicts kozek hörlonski as shadows moving into it and up and down within the image. Shadows which slowly extinguish their only light.