kozek hörlonski


Grossglockner High Alpine road, 2020-22

The images we are familiar with share a common ground: vantage points, stopping places, panoramic routes structure our perception of the high mountains. At these locations the artists inscribe themselves with their performative stagings into historical and contemporary rituals, taking scripts, props and costumes from scenes from the history of the historic mule track as well as from the present day of road maintenance and snow removal. Between staged nature and the art of engineering, a space of aesthetic experience is created in which the familiar becomes strange and the foreign becomes familiar. Here the outer movement along the serpentines corresponds with the inner movement of the viewer. The images created here are assembled into sequences, which in turn fit into the tourist displays along the road: in panorama TVs in rest stops, info kiosks and theme park exhibitions about its history.

watch the teaser: https://vimeo.com/449238703

LICHTHÖHE, the title of the work is a play on words that connects high altitude with lightness. It explores the layers of an architectonic-tectonic setting, in which earth and human history, respect for the sublime and mass consumption, tradition and state of emergency overlap.

Original soundtrack by Alexander Martinz available here: Bandcamp.com

Konzept, Buch und Regie: Thomas Hörl, Peter Kozek
Kamera, Licht und Bildregie: Victor Jaschke
2. Kamera, Lichtassistenz und Setfotografie: Francesca Centonze
Field Recording: Victoria Ferreri, Thomas Hörl
Ausstattung, Kostüm und Make-up: Thomas Hörl, Peter Kozek
Rekonstruktion Thirring-Mantel: George Rusalin
Ausstattungsassistenz: Vito Baumüller
Produktionsassistenz: Victoria Ferreri
Schnitt, Postproduktion: Victor Jaschke
Komposition & Sound Design: Alexander Martinz
Performer*innen: Vito Baumüller, Francesca Centonze, Victoria Ferreri, Flame, Gisli, Christina Gruber, Thomas Hörl, Victor Jaschke, Peter Kozek
Besonderer Dank: Christina Gruber/Reitsportarena Hohe Tauern, Petra Klocker, Elfriede Dorner, Franz-Josef Auernig, Hubert Sauper, Peter Embacher, Bernhard Tschofen u.v.m.!

Im Rahmen von SERPENTINE – a touch of heaven (and hell) kuratiert von Michael Zinganel – Ein Projekt von Fonds zur Förderung von Kunst am Bau & Kunst im öffentlichen Raum – Salzburger Landesregierung, Abt. 9 Straßen u. Brücken und Abt. 14 Kunst u. Kultur – Kärntner Landesregierung, Großglockner Hochalpenstraßen AG