kozek hörlonski


Art in public space Lower Austria, Reinsberg 2011

installation, performance, sculpture
in the exhibition Geteilte Zuversicht
curated by Iris Andraschek & Hubert Lobnig, with Anna Fabricius,
Michael Hieslmair / Michael Zinganel, Matthias Klos, kozek hörlonski,
Antje Schiffers / Thomas Sprenger, Johanna Tinzl / Stefan Flunger,
Iris Andraschek & Hubert Lobnig

Installations are set-up at two places – on top of the Musikerheim's (musician's hostel) hidden flat roof and the town's mould hill at the lower fort's parking lot – all of them pointing towards a tomb or ceremonial place. They are independent sculptures in public space and are used three times by performances. LGBQT discusses socio-cultural repressions and taboos in rural space in general, but focusses especially on lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer and transgender persons within rural communities.
photos: 1,8: Iris Andraschek, 2: Elisabeth Wildling, 3,4: eSel.at,
5,6,7,9:Tobias Pilz