kozek hörlonski

Koo-Koo The Bird Girl

Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Vienna 2010

Performance, Installation
in the exhibtion Story behold, story be told

curated by Brigitte Kowanz, with Friedrich Biedermann, Max Frey, Nikolaus Gansterer/Wietske Maas, Constantin Luser, Julie Monaco, Lllevine*, kozek hörlonski

Portraits of the so-called hairy family Gonzalez from the cabinet of curiosities at Ambras Castle (Innsbruck) are used as models. They were exposed throughout their lifetime to their surrounding's curiosity, due to their exceptional physical appearance – densely hairiness covering their face and whole body (hypertrichosis lanuginosa) –. They were handed around and presented to exposed European princely houses, like precious exotic animals or artifacts.

Performers: kozek hörlonski, Denise Kottlett; Contributors: Verena Eichtinger, Uschi Filipp; Revolving stage: Jakob Scheid/Transkatholische Vögel; Photos: 4: Nikolaus Gansterer, 5-27: Jana Madzigon