kozek hörlonski

Japanese Whispers

periscope, Salzburg 2009

Performance, Installation, Collage

Industrial standardised bookbinding boards are placed on the floor. The placement reminds of tatami mats as well as Japanese ruled paper which is unlike the Western divided into vertical squares, beginning in the upper right-hand corner to the lower left-hand of a sheet. kozek hörlonski strew beneath each board, into this Far Eastern script grid, repeatedly – with black and white pigments – the following sentence: "I start to love it, little pain and big effect." This material-mantric language sign asks for a twist in the usual Western writing. Instead of writing from left to right the signs can be only aligned from top to bottom within the sentence mould. As this is a ritual performance the boards are removed piece by piece at the end of the exhibition allowing a glimpse at the writing beneath.
in cooperation with Taichiro Takamatsu