kozek hörlonski

The Hanging Gardens – Still. Contemporary

Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, Vienna 2005/06

Performance, Installation, Silkscreen, Photo
in the exhibition Arrêté

curated by Ruth Horak, with Martin Le Chevallier, Michael Höpfner, kozek hörlonski, Dorit Margreiter, Pia Mayer, Barbara Musil & Karo Szmit, Gregor Neuerer

The installation The Hanging Gardens – Still. Contemporary describes two
possible sides of waiting. kozek hörlonski, in several hours-long performances, move alongside a rift between contrasting atmospheres. An inflated idyll is disturbed by the concept of death by hanging, These narrative moments are brought togehter in a combination of playfully harmless and gruesomely bleak “swinging gallows. Photos: 4-14: Lisa Rastl