kozek hörlonski

the garden within

IFTAF, Vienna 2004

IFTAF (Institute for transacoustic Research): hearing #32

the garden within is an island for reflection – a retreated space, placeless, void of senses and air – which for several hours is open to all interested participants at IFTAF’s hearing #32 who would like to visit. A white Peugeot 205 is parked in front of the entrance to IFTAF. The window panes are covered entirely with white foil. Only one hole, approximately 5 centimeters in diameter, offers a view of the inside of the slumber capsule (capsulum morpheus). In an atmosphere as though the car had been buried under a gentle avalanche of snow, every guest has the chance to give in to slumber in the
safety of the surroundings.
Performers: kozek hörlonski and Roman Steger