kozek hörlonski

Peter Kozek: "your word is the lamp of my feet" or: "song of separation"

Gallery Petra Seiser, Schörfling at Attersee 2021

performance for three costume sculptures

"... as if from a great distance, very otherworldly, to suspect more than to hear, played in an endless loop (for example as an atmospheric background landscape) to break out after the last spoken word in normal volume, revealing its wonderful tender intensity" (Friederike Mayröcker from: Magic Leaves V)

performers: Calvin Gaa, Felicia Gulda, Lina Marangattil

pneumatic costumes - technical implementation: Ursula Klein-Schultes
graphic implementation: Vanessa Mazanik
sound technology: Daniel Mazanik

photos: 1,3: Peter Kozek, 2: Anna Theresa Pöll